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D.M Engineering Company specializes in manufacturing of various machine tool accessories of the workholding category. All tooling manufactured are of precision grade which can match for quality with some of the best makes available in the international market.

Presently are India’s foremost and largest selling brand in the precision grade workholding machine tool accessories in its product range.

We aspire to bring precision, accuracy and quality to the world's manufacturing arena chrough high precision tool holding systems. Over the years, our products have well accepted by major leading organizations and the demands grown in day by day. We have installed sophisticated machinery in our factory and continue to invest in latest machinery and equipment.

A distinguishing feature about our company is that we have abstained from getting any of our products sub-contracted and branding them with our brand. All products are made in house.

The company manufactures Live Centres Cnc HD Stub, Live Centres Cnc HD Extended, Live Centre Cnc HD Interchangeable Extended, Er Collets, Er Collet Chuck (BT - Tapers), Reduction Socket (BT-Taper), Side Lock Holder (BT-Taper), Face Mill Arbour (BT-Taper), Baby Collet Chuck, Cnc Collar Sleeve, Cnc Collar Sleeve (MT), Pull Stud (BT-Model Sk Tapper), Nut For Er Collets, C Hook Spanner Regofix Spanner, Spare Point Cnc HD Extended, Collet And Adoptors Sets, Revolving Centre Plain (Standard), Revolving Centre Tripple Bearing (Hd), Dead Centre (Plain, C-Tipped, Hss Tipped) Din 806, Dead Centre Plain + C-Tipped (Half) Din 806, Dead Centre C-Tipped (Special Tip Dia), Drill Sleeve Din 2185, Drill Chuck Arbor Din 238, Extension Sockets Din 2187, Solid Socket, Pipe Centre - Blunt, Pipe Centre - Pointed, Drill Chuck Arbors - Jacob Tapers, Blank End Arbors, Thread Arbors, Drawbar Thread, E40 Collets (Schaublin), E40 Collet (Tail), Traub Collets (A25 Round, Hex And Square), Traub Collects (Din 6343), Rb/Mitr Collets, E40 Collet Chuck (Iso Taper), E40 Collet Chuck (Mt), E40 Collet Chuck (R8 Taper), Stub Milling Arbor (Iso Tapper), Stub Milling Arbor (R8 Tapper), Stub Milling Arbor (Mt), Drill Chuck Arbor (R8 Taper), Drill Chuck Arbor ( Iso Taper), Milling Reduction Socket (R8 Taper), Milling Reduction Socket (Iso Taper), Side Lock Holder (R8, Iso, Mt Taper), Spares, Collet And Adoptors Sets, Tap Handle, Die Handle, Try Square, Hand Reamer, Number Punches, Centre Punch, T-Tap Wrench, Magnetic V Block, Magnetic Base, Gauges, Drill Drift.